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about US

We are the Tearoom of Washington, LLC located in the Southeast quadrant of Washington, DC, in Ward 7. Comprised of some of the most powerful women in Washington D.C., the Tearoom of Washington was created to provide a unique virtual training space for women and girls (aged 8-18) that improves interpersonal engagement, learning and employability.  Using a combination of real world simulations; analogies to help participants connect across multiple disciplines; increased interactivity with real-time, dynamic feedback; technology; innovation; and tradition, we are reclaiming and redefining gentility for a modern age.  


In our virtual online Tearoom, participants develop greater resilience and confidence in overcoming obstacles that hinder their ability to overcome trauma, risky behavior and stress.  Participants are also introduced to the customs, civil life and work experiences of other global societies as a means to understand their place in the global society.

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