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While face-to-face meetings are vitally important, technology grants us more access to resources and opportunities to learn by expanding our communication channels for curricula and mentorship. In Fall of 2020, we are launching the digital arm of The Tearoom of Washington: We Have the T.E.A.!

Tools for Excellence & Achievement 

Through virtual online courses and interactive live-streaming, participants will be able to focus on problems relevant to their age group including bullying and self-image with exercises focusing on improving confidence and poise. We'll also have curricula that will teach practical skills such as financial literacy, public speaking, creating resumes and proper job interview etiquette. The goal is to foster an atmosphere of trust and growth needed to cultivate our future leaders.


Making Connections for A Bright Future

Each participant will create her own unique login and profile with access to course curricula, upcoming events, team chat, virtual journal entries and much more. And in case they can’t attend a physical meetup, they’ll have the ability to schedule virtual meetups with either their mentors or their fellow proteges. 

Available soon in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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We Have the Tea -  App MockUp-03.jpg
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